Danielle in her lab
Yours truly in her usual habitat.

Somehow after getting a BA in Music History, scrubbing toilets for a living, and serving in the US Marine Corps, I am currently a PhD candidate in Computer Science at the University of North Texas.

This site is the home for talking about my research and research-adjacent topics, including stuff like teaching and graduate student life in general. The following questions should sum up most of the stuff you actually might want to know.

What does “PhD candidate” mean?

It means I’ve met all degree requirements except for my dissertation (this is also often called “ABD” for “all but dissertation”). Unfortunately, that’s the most difficult part.

When will you be finished with your dissertation?

I’m going to pretend you didn’t ask me that. In fact, never ask any graduate student that question.

My, we’re touchy. So what’s your research about?

A little bit of requirements engineering, a little bit of model-driven software engineering, and a little bit of formal methods.